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EU seeks role of its Youth at Global Stage

EU seeks to promote active participation of the youth at global level. EU is supporting young people to engage with regions outside Europe and become more involved in global policy processes regarding issues such as climate change, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, etc. In particular, this means:

  • raising awareness of global issuesamong young people
  • providing opportunities for young people to exchange views with policy makerson global issues
  • fostering mutual understandingamong young people from all over the world through dialogue
  • encouraging young people to volunteerfor environmental projects (“green volunteering”) and to act green in their everyday life (recycling, saving energy, using hybrid vehicles, etc.)
  • promoting entrepreneurship, employment, education, and volunteering opportunities outside Europe
  • promoting cooperation with and exchanges between youth workerson different continents
  • encouraging young people to volunteerin developing countries or to work on development issues in their own country


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