About US

TV Without Borders (TWB) is an independent, not-for-profit, organisation. TWB does not accept any governmental sponsorships, corporate donations or commercially-driven advertising revenue. Instead, we count on our audience’s financial support. Building on this financial autonomy TWB’s editorial policy operates free of any corporate or state influences. We are a media platform run by journalist-activists and activist committed to the promotion of Human rights.

In our view, every act, practice, and policy that discriminates any person on the basis of caste, colour, creed, or class, the so called 4Cs, entails a violation of human rights. Furthermore, we consider violence against the weak, unarmed and non-combatants as grave rights breaches. The imposition of censorship or any restrictions on the right to assembly amount to equally relevant abuses.

The foundations of this effort will be the adherence to the highest standards of journalistic work. A professionalism at the service of accurate narratives more than mere formal “objectivity”, positive social transformation, not profit, is the goal of our entity.

Our objective is that bringing coverage to the ongoing fights, rights violations and struggles in South Asia will help to strengthen pro-human rights efforts and narratives. This will be achieved by the strengthening of solidarity amid organizations within Asian and the global humanitarian sphere. A strategy that will lead to our final goal of allowing the emergence of a new space where human rights regain their rightful central position

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is:

  1. To cover the question of human rights across South Asia. On the one hand, we will centre-stage the grassroots struggles for human rights, on the other, we will highlight every violation of the human rights. In our view, every act, practice and policy that discriminates anyone on the basis of caste, colour, creed, or class (4Cs) is tantamount to a violation of human rights. Likewise, we consider violence against the weak, unarmed and non-combatant citizens as a grave violation of basic human rights. Censorship or a ban on organising in any peaceful assembly is an equally grave violation of human rights.
  2. To cover actions, fights, struggles and policies that help improve the human rights situation in South Asia.
  3. To popularise, generate, and disseminate human rights discourses.
  4. To achieve all the above in order to help develop solidarity with similar movements within South Asia and internationally.
  5. To adhere by the best journalistic values. In our view, accuracy instead of ‘objectivity’, social transformation instead of profit, and creativity instead of infotainment are the values an ethical journalism should stick by.

TWB aims are motivated by a vision to act as a web-based multimedia platform that assigns centrality to human rights in the context of South Asia.